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METRO Line 2 & 3

Quality Management Certificate for METRO Lines 2 & 3, ISO 9000:2008 from TÜV HELLAS.

METRO measures customer satisfaction on an annual basis according to the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) survey, using the European Performance Satisfaction (EPSI) index.

The study was conducted by the Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (ΙΟΒΕ) and the last results have shown that the Athens METRO ranks 1st in Europe, as far as the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) = 78,3% is concerned. The European Customer Satisfaction Index (EPSI) is a modern and well-structured method to measure customer satisfaction as regards products and services provided by companies and organizations of the public and the private sector.

On the EPSI, derived from the following fields, we see in parentheses the value for the Athens Metro:
• Overall View (83,2%)
• Expectations (80,5%)
• Perceived Service Quality (77,5%)
• Perceived Service Quality (79,5%)
• Perceived Value (78,0%)
• Trust and Loyalty (82,4%)
• Customer Satisfaction Index (78,3%)


In the framework of the same survey, the company measures customer satisfaction with regard to 10 special transportation-related features. More precisely:
• Reliability of timetables (84%)
• Frequencies (81%)
• Transportation speed (85%)
• Transportation conditions (81%)
• Cleanliness of stations (85%)
• Cleanliness of trains (84%)
• Personal safety in the Metro areas (82%)
• Personnel service and appearance (83%)
• Information means (82%)
• Easy ticket issuance at Ticket Offices and ATIMs (83%)