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Using the METRO Lines

The cooperation of the passengers is essential to the proper operation of the METRO Lines and the TRAM, aiming at facilitating their daily trips.

During your journeys on the Metro Lines

  • Please follow the instructions of the personnel and the voice announcements.
  • Whenever you use the escalators, please stand always on their right side holding onto the rolling handrail, keep children under your attention holding them by the hand and pay particular attention when stepping onto and off the escalator.
  • Lifts are intended to be used by People with Impaired Mobility (Disabled Persons, the elderly, the pregnant, etc).
  • Please use the entire length of the platform when waiting for a train.
  • Before boarding the train, please allow sufficient time to those disembarking.
  • Do not attempt to jump into a train after the door closing buzzer has sounded.
  • Within the train and in the station areas past the ticket validators (controlled areas) the valid deed of travel must necessarily be produced when requested, i.e. a lawfully validated ticket, a valid monthly travel card or free pass card, (Law 1214/1981, Law 2669/1998, Law 2801/2000).
  • Please readily accept to have your deed of travel checked by the competent inspectors. Not holding a valid deed of travel entails a heavy penalty.

In case of loss of a personal item, please address yourselves to the Lost Property Office. If you find an article, please deliver it to the Station Personnel.

Please stand behind the red line on station platforms of METRO LINES 2 and 3 or the yellow line on station platforms of METRO LINES 1, at all times.

For your safety...

  • Please hold children by the hand, in order to keep them away from the platform edge.
  • Please do not approach the platform edge and always stand behind the red line on the floor.
  • Please do not throw any articles on the tracks.
  • When boarding / disembarking a train, please mind the gap between the train and the platform.

Once the door closing buzzer has sounded, please move back on the platform because the train departs immediately.

Obligations of People entering the METRO Lines areas

With the view to maintaining a safe, clean and pleasant environment within the Metro network, passengers entering the Metro areas should know that the following activities are not allowed :

  • Smoking (Health Regulation MoH/G.P./οικ76017/29.07.2002).
  • Transportation of inflammable or dangerous substances, materials and articles (Law 3082/2002).
  • Transportation troublesome items (bulky or large size items, bicycles, etc).
  • Consumption of food and beverages (Law 3082/2002)
  • Boarding the train under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Selling or distribution of goods or services (Law 3082/2002)
  • Playing musical instruments
  • Beggary or passenger harassment
  • Soiling
  • Descending to the tracks and entering the tunnel

Transportation of pet is permitted only in their special transportation boxes (Law 3082/2002)..

Within the trains and in the areas past the Ticket Validating Machines, the passenger must hold and produce upon request a validated deed of travel, i.e., a lawfully validated ticket, a valid monthly travel card or a free pass (Law 1214/1981, Law 2669/1998, Law 2801/2000).

Passengers should not attempt to board the trains after the door closing buzzer has sounded.

Any violation of the above rules, as well as any other action or activity that may obstruct the smooth operation of the system entails the corresponding penalty.