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Using the TRAM

If you are a passenger

  • Obtain tickets or cards of unlimited usage from the ticket counters or the automatic machines prior to boarding the TRAM.
  • Validate your ticket at the validation machines located at the stops
  • When you are standing use the handle bars.
  • Smoking, eating or drinking is not allowed inside the TRAM.
  • To disembark press the button located next to the door, and once the TRAM has stopped press the green button located on the door.
  • Only in the case of emergencies use the emergency button or pull the emergency lever located inside the vehicle.
  • Don’t throw garbage or chewing gum around.
  • Don’t put stickers or draw graffiti at the stops, inside or outside the TRAM
  • Use only TRAM equipment specified for use by the public.
  • Offer your seat to persons in need (the elderly, pregnant women, etc).

If you are a pedestrian

  • Always cross the TRAM way from the pedestrian lane.
  • You must always remember that the TRAM has the right-of-way.
  • At the terminal stops stand behind the yellow safety line.
  • Hold your children.
  • At the pedestrian waiting areas stand within the marked areas which signify the safety zone.
  • Don’t appear suddenly from behind parked cars.
  • Try not to wear earphones and use your mobile phone when you are close to the tramway.
  • Use the special sidewalks when arriving or departing from the TRAM stations.

If you are a driver

  • Obey the signage and traffic lights.
  • Never block the tracks of the TRAM, the junctions and the pedestrian isle ways.
  • Keep in mind that the TRAM has the right-of-way.
  • Don’t drive on the tracks of the tramway.
  • At the pedestrian isles give the right-of-way to the pedestrians.
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