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Fare control

The fare is under constant checking within the trains and Station areas past the Ticket Validators.  A fine is imposed on all Metro users not holding a valid deed of travel or refusing to produce such a deed (i.e. an appropriate validated ticket, a valid monthly card, etc.) upon request, which is equal to 60 times the price of the 90-min flat fare ticket, according to the law Ν.2669/98 (Joint Ministerial Decision No. Α-44111/3784/ 25.07.2006/ GGI 1179Β/30.08.2006).

During a fare control the passengers that are entitled to a reduced fare have to show the corresponding certificate that justifies partial exemption. Select this link to see more detailed information regarding the categories of passengers that are entitled to a reduced fare as well as the necessary justifying certificates.

The applicable fine is imposed via a deed issued by the authorized ticket inspector, who issues the deed on-site and asks the violator to pay the fine immediately, or within a period of sixty (60) days. Fines are paid reduced by 50% provided that they are paid immediately after their imposition or within TEN (10) calendar days from the date of imposition at the Fines Payment Office (STA.SY. S.A. Headquarters, 67 Athinas Str., 105 52, Athens, ground floor) (No. 5 Paragraph 2 of the Joint Ministerial Decision 5005/ΔΕΚΟ/2348 - Government Gazette (ΦΕΚ) B3203). Select this link to see the payment methods.

If the fine is not paid within tsixty (60) days, it becomes 5 times bigger and is forwarded to the relevant Tax Office to whom the violator belongs.