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Only holders of valid tickets-passes-travel cards are allowed to use the METRO and TRAM network:

  • Only holders of a valid deed of travel (validated appropriate ticket, valid travel card, etc), are allowed to board the METRO trains and and TRAM vehicles and circulate in areas beyond TVCs that are installed inside the stations, past the Station entrance.
  • You can buy tickets using the Automatic Ticket Issuing Machines (ATIMs) in all METRO and TRAM Stations and from Ticket Offices. ATIMs, having the option to accept banknotes (5,00 10,00 και 20,00 €) and give change, are installed in all stations. See relevant instructions for use on each ATIM.
  • Always verify that you hold the appropriate ticket as regards your destination and your being entitled to a reduced fare.
  • Before walking to the platforms for boarding, kindly validate your ticket at the TVCs.
  • Authorized employees perform regular inspections to verify that all tickets-passes-travel cards of the passengers are. In case passengers do not hold a valid ticket-pass-travel card, then a penalty fare much higher than the price of the respective ticket-pass-travel card is imposed to them.


  • Please validate your ticket once at the TVCs of the station of your first boarding.
  • Please keep your ticket until exiting the station of your destination.
  • Please show your ticket or monthly card to the Ticket Inspectors.
  • Persons entitled to reduced fare must always carry the relevant proof.

To save time: 

  • Buy your tickets from the Automatic Ticket Issuing Machines.
  • Buy more tickets for future trips when appropriate.