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Commercial Opportunities

The Commercial Opportunities Section of STASY SA is making all possible efforts to effectively advertise interested parties in STASY means of transport
and premises and make the best possible use of the company’s real estate.

The Section’s experienced executives will guide, inform you and assist you in advertising / promotion and leasing STASY premises.
Advertise on track-based modes of transport (metro, tram, electric rail) and convey your advertising message efficiently and innovatively. Use film and
videos and exploit all STASY means of advertising!
Use the real estate of STASY and lease properties (shops, buildings, land, offices) in excellent points along STASY’s network, visit the
parking lots, ATMs, and take advantage of mobile telephony potential.

Our competitive advantage? One million passengers who choose track-based modes for their daily journeys.

Moreover, large advertising surfaces, high impact, high service frequency, tailor-made communication that increase the value of your shop
and the visibility of your product/service, thereby increasing your sales!

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