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Promoting the mandatory use of mask in Urban Public Transportation

A new campaign focuses on the mandatory use of face mask in Urban Public Transportation. It started at the stations and in the trains of the Urban Railway Network.

Αποβάθρα Συγγρού Φιξ Μετρό
The Ministry of Transport & Infrastructure, the Organization of Urban Transportation of Athens and the Company of the Urban Railway Network took the initiative to inform the public for the importance of the mandatory use of mask in the urban public transportation – especially this period that many tourists are visiting our country.

Σταθμός Πειραιάς
The Company of the Urban Railway Network inform the passengers that all must use face masks (FFP2 or N95 standards) or regular double masks while on Urban Public Transportation. A fine of €300 will be issued to anyone that doesn’t comply with this measure.

Info Kiosk ΟΑΣΑ Αεροδρομίου
The new campaign is promoted in Greek and in English with a) large stickers at the stations’ platforms, b) floor- stickers in front of the validation entry machines, c) posters and banners in front of the station manager offices, ticket offices & information boards and d) stickers on the doors of the trains and trams.

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In addition, there are announcements – at the stations & stops and also in the trains & trams – in Greek, English, French and German that remind to the public of the mandatory use of mask.

%CE%A3%CF%85%CF%81%CE%BC%CF%8C%CF%82 %CE%A4%CF%81%CE%B1%CE%BCThe new promotion has already started in the Metro & Tram Network and it will run until the end of the Summer. The Company of the Urban Railway Network focuses the campaign on the major stations that tourists travel such as the Airport and Piraeus as well as stations in popular areas such as Syntagma, Monastiraki, Panepistimio, Omonia and Akropolis.